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“Its not what happens to us that matters, its how we REACT to what happens to us, that determines the outcome.”

Dr. Richard Pratt
“ our attitude toward life, determines life's attitude toward us..”

Earl Nightingale

Biography: Richard H. Pratt, Ph.D., Ltd. Clinical/Educational Psychologist:

Born in northern California, near Mt.Shasta City. Raised in the Bay Area. Extensive Military experience, including Arabic Language and Cryptography. Competed in Judo and studied all of the major religions of the world. From Physics and Engineering Major to Psychology Major, earning BA and MA in Experimental Psychology from California State University at Sacramento, earned Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, specializing in Statistical Research Design and learning differences in right and left handed people. Internship in Clinical Psychology, and licensed in Clinical Psychology in the State of Nevada since 1987. Life time Counseling Credential for two year colleges, from the State of California. I have worked in state prisons, Mental Hospitals and various counseling organizations and private practice, since 1980. I worked for the court system, as well as individuals and families.


Kriya Yoga, Meditation, Mathematics, Theoretical Physics and related topics, Brain Laterality, effects of stress on Consiousness.